Message from APEEE: Parking questionnaire

Dear Parents,

Following the general terrorist threats in Belgium earlier this year, the school direction at EEB3 took measures to close the access to the underground Car Park/garage to parents, thus bringing to an end – temporary or otherwise – the long-established habit of parents in bringing their children to school by car, with its opportunities of chatting with other parents and so forth.…

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Message from APEEE: Secondary Second Hand School Book Sales

Message de la part du Comité de vente des manuels scolaires (secondaire) seconde main
Message from the Secondary Second Hand School Book Sales Committee

EN Text below

Vente des Manuels Scolaires (secondaire) – seconde main – FR, NL, EN, DE – 2015
Chers parents,
Des parents volontaires organisent à nouveau cette année des ventes de manuels scolaires de seconde main.…

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